The path to healing and integrating life and business.

Your business or job should serve you, you shouldn’t serve it.

There is no exact formula, but I use these steps as a guide to begin the process and find low hanging fruit opportunities.

We first define our areas of mandated success, there are mine.

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  1. Review revenue and profit streams. (hint: the opportunity is usually in the opportunity cost of focusing)

  2. Review relationships, both internal and external. (hint: we are usually not fully leveraging our relationships, there is a secret to getting the most from people).

  3. Review your purpose for work and purpose for growth. (hint: purpose driven work always generates the most passion and thus results)

  4. Review how time is spent (hint: we identify the things that really move the needle, and make sure we do those first)

  5. Review our relationship with money and success (hint: we sometimes struggle to say we want to be rich, or we want to make a huge sum of money. hint to hint: it’s not a zero sum game)

You’ll learn how to

  • Implement a results-based work vs a time-based approach.

  • Build an organizational structure and discipline to sleep well at night.

  • Learn my concept of the “double-bottom line” to maximize profit while enhancing those around you.

  • How to prioritize your time by identifying doing the big things first.

  • Build and leverage relationships.

  • Life balance. I believe we cannot achieve maximum fulfillment without high achievement in business, health and relationships, TOGETHER.

  • The key to satisfaction, is a growth and challenge mindset.

  • We ask a simple but challenging question, “Is what you’re doing working?”

Areas often not maximized

  • Maximize revenue hiding all around you. Are there other opportunities not addressed?

  • Learn who to hire first, and who to hire next and general hiring principles.

  • Learn to grow your business in a way that doesn't require more of your time.

  • Learn the three different types of relationships that exist and how to appreciate and use them best.

  • Learn how to effectively use of graphic & web design effectively.

  • Learn the best online tools that will accelerate and scale your business.

  • Learn the best way to maximize the output and autonomy of employees and subordinates.