Executive & Owner Coaching

Maximize your profit and growth while managing your time

 My son and I.

My son and I.

I started my first business in February 1999, it failed, but sent me on an unrelenting path of dedicated to building businesses that are very profitable and don't interrupt life, rather, they enhance life.  I started my second business in November 2002, it's called Red Giant and became the largest developer of special effects tools for TV and films.  I ran that company for 13 years, then found an amazing team in 2015 to run it and release me into my next venture.  I have since started four more companies, did a fair amount of angel investing and a lot of small business and non-profit consulting.

One of my passions is helping executives and business owners maximize their profit, health and relationships around them.

General Principles Addressed

Work Integrity.  Relationships.  Maximize money and effectiveness.  Life. 

  • Understand results based work vs a time based approach
  • Build an organizational structure and discipline to sleep well at night
  • Uncover and get direction from your “why”
  • Learn Drew’s concept of the double-bottom line to maximize profit
  • How to prioritize your time, identify and do the big things first
  • Build and leverage relationships 
  • Life balance. I believe we cannot achieve maximum fulfillment without high achieve in business, health and relationships, together.
  • The key to satisfaction, is a growth and challenge mindset
  • Is what you’re doing working?

Learn Drew's secrets to business success

Learn how to 

  • Maximize revenue hiding all around you
  • Learn who to hire first, and who to hire next
  • Learn to grow your business in a way that doesn't require more of your time
  • Learn the three different types of relationships that exist, and how to appreciate and use them best
  • Learn how to effectively use of graphic & web design
  • Learn the best online tools that will accelerate and scale your business

There is too much money to be made and too much fun to be had, don't wait.  Just Start.