Executive Healing & Coaching by Drew Little

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Don’t just be successful, live a successful life. 

During my time founding and running tech companies, I came to realize that successful people have one thing in common, they are successful. However, their success is often narrowly focused and commonly people have a pain or longing for improvement in some other area of life, like relationships, health or a deeper purpose.  

My awakening 

When I got real with myself years ago (right after a dramatic company failure), I realized making money and growing successful companies was actually easier than developing and maintaining enriched relationships.  It was a big moment for me, and I decided then I would never again subordinate things important in my life to the success of the company. But with equal conviction, I decided success was also a mandate, they just needed to happen harmoniously.

Over time, I taught myself how to use the same level of energy, discipline and strategic process I used in building success and wealth towards my relationships and health. 

My awakening came after my first company failed and when I started my second. In the 13 years I spent growing that company into the largest special effects software company in its market (Red Giant), I rarely worked more than 35 hours a week and had two amazing children. I spent my abundant non-work time with my wife and kids, coaching, playing games and traveling.  I’ve since founded three more companies while decreasing my weekly output towards their growth. 

Healing & Coaching

Now, I’m dedicated to teaching these ideals, one-on-one to executives and business owners.  Sometimes we need to increase profit to hire more people to free up time, sometimes we need to learn how to set personal boundaries and stick to them, and sometimes we need to just get real about what’s important and what’s our purpose.

Living a life with no regrets is the guide, and seriously considering what will be said about us in our eulogy…. give it some thought.

“Drew Little has been a mentor and a coach for over 5 years now. He has completely transformed the way I see my role day to day.” - Nick Campbell, Greyscalegorilla

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