Nothing was ever finished that wasn't started.

JUST START GO is an incubator for ideas and disruptive technology and is focused on solving big dumb legacy problems in the world that have been allowed to persist too long.  THE BLOG is a series of articles written by Drew Little exploring a variety of ways to be more efficient, successful and live a balanced and better life. Articles are primarily written so he can think deeper about subjects he finds interesting or worth exploring. 

Drew Little, the Founder of JustStart GO, moved a lot during his earlier years and lived a good portion of my life overseas in Tokyo, Japan.  He graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1991 and worked in high-tech for the first 8 years of his career.   Surrounded by dotcom fever in San Francisco, he quit his comfortable sales career making $100,000 a year to start his first company with friends in 1999 called In 2002, he started his second company,, which grew to be the largest developer of special effects add-ons for video professionals in the world.  He's since started four other companies focused on a solving a number of different problems and figuring out how to turn money into more money while maintaining a strict balanced life.

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